Jean Bruck Scholarship

The eighth grade class of 1990 established the Alice Ott Senior Scholarship for former Alice Ott Huskies in honor of the principal, Mrs. Jean Bruck (December 1981 - December 1991).  This scholarship was renamed the Jean Bruck Scholarship in December 1991.  Mrs. Bruck had to retire at this time because of her battle with cancer.  She passed away in March of 1993.  The students and staff felt this scholarship would be a lasting tribute to honor the memory of Mrs. Bruck.


scholarship amount - 2 @ $500



General Guidelines:

  • Recipient must be a graduate of Alice Ott Middle School

  • The scholarship winner must have at least a 2.00 GPA in high school, and be a graduate of Alice Ott Middle School.

  • The winner must have a financial need for scholarship monies demonstrated on his/her application. The money may be used at a vocational training school, community college or university.

  • The selection committee reserves the right to reject all applications and not award a scholarship.

  • The winner receives a certificate and his/her name is engraved on a permanent plaque that remains at Alice Ott MS.

  • The winner will receive recognition by current Alice Ott students at the annual all school awards assembly in June. At this assembly, the winner will give a short speech about their goals and how this scholarship will help to attain them.

  • Payment of the scholarship grant will be made to the student and the college/university after evidence of enrollment has been furnished to the Special Projects Office. It is the responsibility of the recipient to request that payment be made.