Welcome Staff


Welcome Staff to this special section just for you!

For some of you that have been part of the David Douglas School District family for several years, you will recognize this picture.  I was supposed to be a fairy princess with a magic wand and my opening line was “If Wishes Came True.” It is one of many, sometimes wild and crazy, costumes and personas that I created to get your attention.  You may not have remembered what I had to say, but you remembered the costume.

I am still saying much of the same words because I continue to feel they are important.  I continue to thank all of you for caring about our students. Even though some days seem tough and you don’t always get that pat on the back, be assured that what you are doing is helping each student toward success.

This section contains information about the Spring and Special Grant programs,and provides access to applications for each.

Also available is information about the $5 Campaign, a payroll deduction plan that has been available since 2006.  Many of you have been contributing since then, even increasing your deduction amount over the years, and have made an invaluable impact on the assistance DDEF can provide for those kids in need or special requests from staff and school-sponsored ventures.


During the past year, we have extended more funds than usual to purchase many books for libraries and classrooms, supplemented some of the final expenses so the Rocket Team could participate at the National level of Team America Rocketry Competition and for a Gold Place winner to join in the Scholastic Art & Writing National Celebration.

Because of these extra requests, our Special Grant fund is in need of your help.  For every $5 increment, it is divided between the Kids Fund and Special Grants. If you have never participated, the payroll deduction plan is an easy way to help so many – maybe even your program someday!  If you can, please increase your amount by $5 this year – it does make a difference.

So “If Wishes Came True”, I would wish for an exciting and successful school year for all and hope you will seriously consider signing up for the $5 Campaign now.


Beverly Fischer, DDEF President (still!! – and enjoying it all)


DDEF Special Grant

Do you need assistance funding a special project?  Special Grant Applications may be submitted to DDEF at any time.  They are those requests that would not be considered during the regular Spring Grant time because either they do not meet the Spring Grant requirements or they do not meet the Spring Grant time frame. You may apply for this grant by downloading the application here and following the instructions.

DDEF Spring Grant

The Spring Grant application process usually begins about March 1.  This program supports staff requests that enhances and supplements programs and provides additional educational opportunities for David Douglas students. You may apply for this grant by downloading the application here and following the instructions.

Available in March

$5 Dollar Campaign

The David Douglas Educational Foundation’s $5 Campaign is a simple and painless payroll deduction where employees are asked to contribute as little as $5 per month to DDEF.