DDEF Grant Program

Program Overview

The DDEF Grant Program was developed to support excellence in the David Douglas School District. By acquiring and distributing resources, the Foundation enhances and supplements programs, provides additional educational opportunities for David Douglas students, and provides an opportunity for teachers to pilot innovative ideas or equipment. Foundation grants are awarded based on how well the request meets Foundation’s goals:

  • To promote student development through additional educational enrichment activities, grants, recognition of outstanding academic effort, and family learning opportunities.

  • To encourage excellence in education by supporting unique staff development opportunities for all employees and providing grants for innovative ideas and programs.

  • To encourage partnerships between schools and the community by serving as a vehicle for individuals and organizations to share resources intended to enhance learning within the schools.

  • To facilitate cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups and the school district to meet human or social service needs.



Our Grant Program supports a variety of requests submitted by School District teachers.  In the last two or three years, grants have included:

  • Headphones and other related equipment for the David Douglas High School Science Department

  • New books at Ron Russell Middle School to support students participating in the Oregon Battle of the Books competition

  • New equipment for physical education classes at Floyd Light Middle School

  • Music instruments for students at Ventura Park Elementary School

  • Equipment to support social emotional learning and self regulation for students at Gilbert Park Elementary

  • Books in various languages for Ventura and Lincoln Park Elementary schools to support culturally specific enrichment performances

  • Cesar Chavez Leadership Conference for 28 high school students

  • Phoenix Leadership Camp for Fir Ridge students

  • Salmon Watch Field Trip

  • Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Medal National Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall, New York City - Partial travel expenses for Art student to accept her award

  • Oregon Music Educational Association Event

  • Girls on the Run (Earl Boyles) – Running shoes

  • College Possible Program

  • Books for Elementary, Middle, and High School classrooms

  • Fins for Swimming classes

  • Wheelchair glider and Sensory rocker chairs

Grant-Girls on the Run 2017.png

Girls on the Run

This is a youth development program for girls in grades 3-5 with a mission to inspire girls to be healthy and confident using an experience-based and creative curriculum. The program includes a community service component for the girls to plan and execute and is operated through Earl Boyles’ SUN program. Over 12 weeks, the girls train for a 5K running event. The grant provided running shoes for all participants so they all could have similar running shoes for the program.

2018-ArtGrant-EsterBIGmoment (1).jpg

Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Medal National Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall, New York City

Ester Petukhova, a Junior at David Douglas High School received a National Gold Medal for her painting “Aditi” and 3 National Silver Medals for other entered paintings. This is the first time a David Douglas artist has been honored to receive such an award. The DDEF grant supplemented travel expenses for Ester while attending the National award ceremony.

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Artwork here:



Traveling Band Cart

This Traveling band cart was built by High School Woodworking students and teacher to transport guitars among the nine elementary schools in the district so that guitars are easily accessible during music classes. Materials were funded by a DDEF grant. The cart is a useful and attractive addition to the classroom.

Camp Phoenix

Camp Phoenix is a three-day intensive and transformational retreat for high school students. Teens evaluate who they are, their challenges, and redefine where they want to go in life. Students engage in experiential activities including small group discussions, energizing games, storytelling, visual art, and the highlight of the weekend is an afternoon on the challenge course. The challenge course helps students build trust with each other and their small group. For students who have gone to Camp Phoenix in past years, they often name the Phoenix program as one of their most memorable experiences in high school.


Read Like a Scot

Lon Morast, DDHS Assistant Basketball coach, spearheaded a district-wide “Read Like a Scot” program for David Douglas second graders this year.  DDEF was among the ten donors in support of the program.

The program was designed to promote reading excitement for young readers.  In October, athletes from David Douglas High School visited second graders at district elementary schools to promote reading in second-grade classrooms. 

The program was a win for all participants.  The athletes served as role models and spoke to the 2nd graders on the importance of reading in their own lives.  Second graders met high school athletes, were encouraged to keep reading, were invited to attend a home basketball game in February, and received a variety of items at the game including:

  • Posters of the basketball players 

  • Backpacks with three to five books

  • Scots Learning Packets of literacy activities 

  • “I am a Scots Reader” T-shirts

  • Pamphlets for parents on the importance of reading with their child

Smiles were found all around.


Sensory Rocker Chairs

Eight medium and large sensory rocker chairs were purchased and are currently being utilized in general education classrooms. The chairs have allowed students with sensory integration difficulties to more fully participate in instruction and learning opportunities provided by staff. The chairs are one of the most commonly accessed accommodation tools that our staff, students, and parents have requested this year.

Grant-Fins for Swimming.jpg

Fins for Swimming classes

In our 4th and 5th Grade Elementary PE program, these swim fins have had a tremendous impact on our ability to adapt our teaching style for a more proper swim technique for kids who may have different abilities and skills. This is especially helpful for kids in the deep end of the pool so that they don’t get too tired.


Wheelchair Glider

The wheelchair glider that was funded through DDEF in 2015 has made a tremendous impact on the students at Ventura Park Elementary. It has provided students who are wheelchair users with opportunities to move in the classroom. It has helped calm and relieve stress for at least 5 students this year, and it has enhanced range of motion, circulation, and communication for these students. We have even been able to hook up a toggle switch behind the glider that allows a student to activate music through use of the glider.