Vision Statement

The David Douglas Educational Foundation (DDEF) is a non-profit community organization founded in 1991 dedicated to supporting educational excellence for all children in the David Douglas School District.  The Foundation achieves this vision by acquiring and distributing resources to enhance and supplement district and staff programs and projects.

Foundation activities:

  • Support educational enrichment activities to promote student development

  • Encourage partnerships between schools and the community

  • Provide grants for innovative ideas and programs

  • Fund and administer DDEF and community scholarships

  • Facilitate cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups and the school district to meet human or social service needs


Meet the Board

DDEF Summer Potluck

DDEF Summer Potluck

Beverly Fischer

Scholarship Committee Chair, Investment Committee

Frieda Christopher

Investment Committee

Jo Carney

Investment Committee


Suzie Albin

Board Member

Christine Larsen

David Douglas School Board Liaison

Cherie-Anne May

Board Member


Anna Pickel

Board Member

Linda Beith

Grant Committee Chair

Representative Jeff Reardon

Honorary Board Member


Impact on Community

Since 1991, we have presented over $450,000 in grants for innovative educational ideas and opportunities and $84,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors. We have held 20 dinner/auctions, seven chili challenges, wine tours, product sales and pledge campaigns with over $480,000 in profits. We have earned the honor of managing gift endowments as well as being remembered in living trusts/wills.



Donors & Supporters

Thank you to those who have stepped up and provided special support to DDEF and the programs it supports including the David Douglas CTE/STEAM program, special grants programs, music and the arts, Kids Fund, etc.  Your generosity makes a difference to the students and teachers of David Douglas School District.

Thank You.png
We think the David Douglas Educational Foundation is a great way for Alumni and friends of the DDSD to support key educational initiatives that lead to excellent student outcomes. Our investments in the Early Learning program at Earl Boyles and College Possible have helped students without the financial means and from diverse backgrounds achieve their goals through evidence-based best practices.
— Marta (DD Class of 1967) and Ken Thrasher, donors to DDEF


Thank you to our recent donors and volunteers!

  • Suzie Albin

  • Allstate Giving Campaign

  • Melissa Anderson

  • Linda Beith

  • B. Fred Brace

  • Jo Carney (personal donations and PGE match)

  • Frieda Christopher

  • Tawnya Clark

  • Heide Cole

  • S. P. Cramer & Associates

  • Bob & Linda Crosswhite

  • Danielle & Paul Dattilo

  • David Douglas Dads Club

  • David Douglas School District Staff

  • Teri & Robert Dawson

  • Demorest Family Foundation

  • Terence & Helen Dickenson

  • Holly Effenberger

  • Beverly Fischer

  • Pamela Gardinier


  • Sarah Gonzalez

  • Aaron Hockett

  • Kathleen Howlett

  • Ken Hutchins

  • Elmer & Shirley Johnson

  • Catherine Jones

  • Barb Keinle

  • Patt Komar

  • Kroger Rewards

  • Joanne & James Lancaster

  • Christine Larsen

  • Marty Lemon

  • Mike Lemon

  • Marilyn Lewis

  • Cherie-Anne May

  • Dan & Leslie McCue

  • Cynthia & Richard McKeon

  • Doug Menely

  • Crete Miller Trust

  • Betty Montonye

  • Susan & Robert Myers

  • Cheryl O'Brien

  • OSEA Chapter #40

  • Doug & Cynthia Pease

  • Anna Pickel

  • Glen & Janet Prather

  • Anne Marie Rears

  • Beverly Russell

  • Terry Shumway

  • Ed & Laurie Simmons

  • Kamala Skipper

  • Richard & Melanie Smith

  • Donna Stanton

  • Candy & Jeff Wallace

  • Perry & Maria Walsh

  • Don Weaver

  • Wihtol Family Charitable Fund

  • Nancy Wong