David Douglas Educational Foundation

Counselor’s Choice Award


No application required




One DDEF grant shall be awarded to provide a scholarship.


1.  Must be a graduating senior.

2.  Must plan to attend an accredited 2 or 4-year college or vocational school.

3.  Must live in the David Douglas School District.

4.  Must have attended David Douglas High School for the last three years.

5.  Must have at least a 2.5 GPA.


1.  Recipient will have demonstrated initiative and a desire to continue their education.

2.  Recipient will not have received another David Douglas scholarship.

3.  Recipient will have been judged by the counselors to determine need.

4.  Counselors will have judged the recipient to have the ability to succeed at a higher education when given the opportunity.


The David Douglas High School counselors, as a team, will select one student to be the recipient of the DDEF Counselor’s Choice Award.  The recipient will have met the criteria and requirements listed above.  The student will be selected by the team of counselors and no application is required.


1.  Recipient will have one year from date of award to submit a request for payment.

2.  Recipient will provide evidence of enrollment at a qualifying institution to the Special Projects Office, David Douglas School District.

3.  Payment will be by check in the name of the recipient and the qualifying institution. 

4.  It is the responsibility of the recipient to request when that payment is to be made.