DDEF Volunteer Opportunities

Scholarship Committee

  • Reading and scoring scholarship applications

Scoring criteria and sheet provided.
Scoring is based on your interpretation of the applicants’ information such as extra curricular activities, community involvement, leadership qualities, etc.

  • Once a year during the month of May

  • One to three hours in the convenience of your own home.

  • Up to ten days to read and score the applications.


Grant Review Committee

  • Reading, discussing and recommending grant application submissions.

  • Guidelines for considering grant applications provided.

  • Meet and discuss applications with fellow grant reviewers.

  • Determine which grants will be presented to the DDEF Board for approval.

  • Once a year during springtime, reading at your home during March and April.

  • Review Committee meeting held in May at DD District Office, one to two hours.


Event Committee

  • Coordinator

  • Donation requisitions

  • Site/venue selection

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Sponsorship support

  • Media Advertisement


Other Needs

  • Join the DDEF Board

  • Media Supporter

  • General Volunteer

  • Marketing

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