Donate Musical Instruments

Putting No Longer Used Musical Instruments to Use

Check your closets, under the bed, in the attic, or any other hiding place where you might have stored your child’s old musical instrument so YOU can help another student play a musical instrument.

In 2014, the Foundation learned that each year some students could not enroll in a band or orchestra class because the loaner instrument pool was not large enough to meet the number of students seeking an instrument.

The DDEF Musical Instrument Campaign began. This year-round campaign is truly worthwhile! It gives students the opportunity to take a band or orchestra class who otherwise would not be able to participate. To date, an extra 26 students each year can participate in these classes. Thanks to generous donations, the following instruments are now available to David Douglas students:

  •  2 Cellos

  • 6 Clarinets

  • 1 Coronet

  • 2 Electronic Keyboards

  • 6 Flutes

  • 1 Trombone

  • 1 Trumpet

  • 3 Saxophones (2 Alto, 1 Tenor)

  • 4 Violins

With your donations, we hope that no child will be turned away from enrolling in a band or orchestra class. See “How to Donate a Musical Instrument”  for donation instructions.

Thank you for your support!


How to Donate a Musical Instrument

Used musical instruments donations can be made to David Douglas Educational Foundation (DDEF) in a variety of ways:

  1. Click “Download Flyer” to print informational flyer about the Musical Instrument Campaign.

  2. Drop off your instrument at the Special Projects Office located in the David Douglas District Office at 11300 NE Halsey. Please call 503-261-8204 for more information.

  3. Contact DDEF President Bev Fischer at 503-255-1149 to arrange musical instrument pick up.

  4. Fill in the form below if you would like us to contact you.  (Don’t forget to click Submit!)

Of course, we would like musical instruments in good condition that can be used by music students. Note:  We cannot accept pianos.

Musical Instruments Pickup form

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