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Kids Fund

The Kids Fund was established in 2006, following the implementation of the $5 Campaign – a payroll deduction campaign established for David Douglas employees. All funds were designated to be used to benefit our students. Fifty percent of all funds collected from the $5 Payroll Deduction Campaign is allocated to the DDEF Kids Fund.

The DD Educational Foundation is committed to helping students in our community. They have long recognized students have unmet needs that may prevent them from attending school and maximizing their educational experience. The DDEF Kids Fund was created to fill that void and has supported students through providing clothing, eye exams and glasses, alarm clocks, hygiene items, and medical supplies. Their support has been amazing and life changing for students!
Please help support our students!
— Barbara Kienle, Retired Student Services Director

The purpose of the fund is to provide additional funding for counselor’s to access in order to fund Personal Health and Welfare needs of students. The funds are to be accessed after all other sources have been exhausted. Possible uses are for glasses, clothing, school supplies, emergency dental visits, medication, haircuts, bus tickets, food for the student (not his/her family), etc. 

Items excluded are sports scholarships (other DDEF funds available), college applications fees, school pictures, etc. These items either have other sources of funding or are not related to basic personal health and welfare of a student. From 2006 to 2019, the Kids Fund has distributed approximately $105,000 to fund Personal Health and Welfare needs of our students. This is in thanks to a caring staff and community.