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David Douglas Educational Foundation welcomes and appreciates your consideration for Estate Giving.  If you are interested in arranging an estate gift to DDEF, please fill in your information in the "Request More Information" form and press the Submit button.

We thank those in the past who have so generously named DDEF in their estate planning:

The Richard Cole Estate, the Jeanne Carmichael Estate, and the Roger Wulf Estate

Below, please find information related to gifts from these estates.


Richard Cole Estate:

Richard Cole, retired Director of Curriculum for David Douglas School District, strongly believed the quality education David Douglas School District provided to its students.  Although he only work his final nine years in education in David Douglas, he continued to be a strong supporter of the District and the David Douglas Educational Foundation until his death in November 2016.  Because his strong support of the District he named the David Douglas Educational Foundation in his will.

Because Richard always planned ahead, he worked with members of the Foundation to outline what he would like to see done with his endowment.  The Richard Cole Family Fund focus is on providing funding for opportunities for our economically disadvantaged students that demonstrate evidence of extraordinary interest and capacity to learn and pursue a selected area (or areas) of study, so that they will have an opportunity to participate in enrichment activities that they are otherwise unable to do because their families cannot afford to pay for registration fees, equipment, instruments, workshops, lessons, travel, etc.  The program focus is to build student’s self-esteem; to enhance their natural talents or skills; or to broaden opportunities that otherwise students would not be able to experience. The goal of the program is to encourage students to succeed in school, make good choices, avoid participation in gang activity or chose to complete their education.

Richard and his wife, Heide, believe by engaging student in learning prior to high school would provide the encouragement to excel in school and possibly go on to higher education.  This is just one way a patron can provide support to the David Douglas students for many years into the future.


ROGER WULF estate:

Roger Wulf taught Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies at Floyd Light Middle School for many years. He was known for his kindness, his devotion to working with students who were having difficulty with their studies, and his generosity when helping to fill Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for those Floyd Light families who needed a little bit of extra help during the holidays. His generosity continued even after his death, by designating the David Douglas Educational Foundation as a beneficiary in his will.


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Jeanne Carmichael estate:

The DDEF was named as a beneficiary of the Jeanne Carmichael estate. Jeanne Carmichael was an educator (not in DD) who valued the education of children, especially in reading. Because of her many years of friendship with Joyce Marshack, who volunteered in the DD district and whose children and grandchildren have attended DD schools, Jeanne decided to provide over $52,000 for DDEF. The funds will be used to provide reading instruction kits for all kindergarten classes. Because studies have shown that to be successful in school all kids need to be proficient readers by third grade and kindergarten is the place to begin that path to success with the Early Reading Intervention Program. Other portions of the money will be used to create scholarships for graduating seniors, as well as enhancing our community sports program, per her wishes.