David Douglas Educational Foundation

$5 Campaign




In 2004-2005, four DD Marketing Class seniors created and presented the payroll $5 Campaign idea to the Foundation Board. The Board decided to promote the $5 Campaign district wide and split each payroll deduction between the Kids Fund and Special Grants Fund.


The Kids Fund money is distributed to the schools, allowing counselors to determine kids’ needs and best use of the funds available. These funds have been used to offset costs for: emergency dental, glasses, medication, personal hygiene products, coats, socks, shoes, diabetic supplies, alarm clocks and much more.

The Special Grants Fund covers special requests that occur during off-season time or do not meet all the requirements for our regular grant program in the spring but are deserving of consideration. These funds have been used for “Resuscitation Annies” in health classes, heart defibrillators equipment in schools, student leadership training, middle school band shirts, graphing calculators, all-level library books, etc.

Future Goals:

DDEF encourages all David Douglas personnel to pledge their support by signing up for the $5 Campaign thus joining the Foundation as it continues to strive to help our kids, staff and community.