2018 Spring Grants Awarded

Each Spring, School District employees are invited to submit requests for DDEF-funded grants for the following school year.

Grant awards were finalized at the May 2018 DDEF Board meeting, awarding approximately $9,200 in grants to teacher and district personnel requests. A Grant Committee evaluates the requests and makes funding recommendations to the Foundation. The Committee helps identify if certain requests should be funded through other sources such as the regular school district budget or the Multnomah Education Service District.

Grants awarded for the 2018-19 school year include:

  • Twelve Vernier Heart Rate Sensors for students to measure heart rate in 11th and 12th grade Biology and Anatomy & Physiology classes.

  • Sixteen Go!Links for the High School Science classes to use for data collection during hands-on laboratory investigations.

  • Four portable classroom grow light sets for the Biology classes to conduct hands-on laboratory investigations.

  • Six 1,500-gram scales for Science classes to measure chemicals for laboratory classes.

  • Scientific tools for the Rocket Team to calculate factors in launching that cannot be done by simple observations.

  • Two barbell weight sets to teach proper lifting technique to High School group fitness classes.

  • Recording system to be used in vocal music classes for individual performance assessment within a group rehearsal setting.

  • Digital recording equipment for middle school choir student assessment.

  • Books needed for participation in the 2018-19 Oregon Battle of the Books for Ron Russell Middle School Library.

  • Digital mixer and eight microphones to record student performance assessments to support choir, music, and musical theater curriculum (Alice Ott and Ron Russell Middle schools).

  • Two cocoon swings and wall mounts at Earl Boyles Elementary School.

  • Bass Marimba for the music classroom at Ventura Park Elementary School.

Anna Pickel