David Douglas Music Thank You Letter

Dear DDEF, 

Please accept my apology for the tardiness of my grant report to the David Douglas Educational Foundation. The recording equipment purchased for the high school choir program with DDEF funds has greatly increased teacher to student individual feedback and increased available instructional time. 

The use of the equipment has made it possible for me to record individual students while the ensemble performs excerpts and further has sparked meaningful and productive discussions with students who don't initially agree with their score. I've held onto recordings on a thumb drive for two weeks after each performance test and many students have asked to and been able to sit down with me and listen to their individual recording. In addition to helping them understand their grade on the assessment, I've had many discussions about individual goals for improvement, these types of discussions were rare before using individual recordings this year. 

I haven't yet taken any pictures of students using the equipment but, will try to get a couple of shots this week while recording final exams. 

Thank you again for supporting David Douglas Music.

Chris Silva, Director of Choirs

David Douglas High School

DDHS Choir students using their new recording equipment

DDHS Choir students using their new recording equipment