2019 Spring Grants Awarded

Each Spring, School District employees are invited to submit requests for DDEF-funded grants for the following school year.

Grant awards were finalized at the May 2019 DDEF Board meeting, awarding approximately $5,500 in grants to teacher and district personnel requests. A Grant Committee evaluates the requests and makes funding recommendations to the Foundation. The Committee helps identify if certain requests should be funded through other sources such as the regular school district budget or the Multnomah Education Service District.

Grants awarded for the 2019-20 school year include:

  • Headphones and other related equipment for the DDHS science department

  • New equipment for physical education classes at Floyd Light Middle School

  • New books at Ron Russell Middle School to support their students in the Oregon Battle of the Books competition

  • Music instruments for students at Ventura Park Elementary

  • Equipment to support social emotional learning and self regulation for students at Gilbert Park Elementary

  • Items to assist the special education department at Menlo Park Elementary with creating visuals and other needed support items for their students

  • Books in various languages for Ventura and Lincoln Park Elementary Schools to support culturally specific enrichment performances for families and culturally specific educational events

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